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Jorge Cueva, widely recognized as Mr. Tempo, arrived to the USA in 1991. Like numerous other immigrants, he faced the challenge of lacking proper documentation and unfamiliarity with the English language. He made the difficult decision to discontinue his education in order to provide essential financial support for his family. In his unwavering determination to ensure his parents and siblings had enough to eat, he embraced a wide range of employment opportunities, from landscaping to janitorial work in bustling malls. There was no task too grand or humble that he wouldn’t undertake. By mere coincidence, or perhaps by the hand of destiny, he secured a position as a dishwasher in a renowned restaurant. The world of hospitality instantly captivated him, as if he had discovered his rightful place. Having traversed a multitude of professions throughout his lifetime, he ultimately unearthed his true calling and found resounding passion within the hospitality industry. After 3 decades of hustling, dedication, relentless effort, and remarkable discipline, Mr. Tempo has unequivocally proven that no obstacle is too big when pursuing The American Dream.

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MrTempo paid for the rescue of “Big Boy” an elephant who was held in chains for 5 years but now lives in a large sanctuary built just for him and his necessities in Culiacan, Sinaloa, Mexico! Loving Big Boy and his freedom.

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